No rain!


Kensington International Day of the Book – 4-25-10 – Kensington, MD.  L. Me at our table. R. Three authors of Vietnam War books from left to right: Wayne Karlin,  Wandering Souls; myself, Cologne No. 10 For Men; and Tom Lacombe,  Light Ruck.

Today we had the pleasure of seeing people at the Kensington International Day of the Book Festival.  Tom Lacombe, author of  Light Ruck, and Wayne Karlin, author of  Wandering Souls, two Vietnam War books, joined me on a panel, “Home is Where You Dig It.”  So I got to open with “Diggin’ A Hole” from the Skytroopers CD and I told about Cologne No. 10 For Men, my Vietnam War satire, while at our table we sold Cologne, my song CD, Skytroopers, and my new novel, Well Considered. It was a pleasant day, and it didn’t rain!  Elisenda did such a great job of putting this festival together.  Her Kensington Row Bookshop would be a great place for you to visit By the way, I thoroughly enjoyed reading Tom’s recollections of the war in Light Ruck, and Wayne’s story about returning one of the Wandering Souls to North Vietnam. The families of the 300,000 North Vietnamese soldiers buried in South Vietnam believe the dead will not rest in peace until buried near their homes in the North.

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