No rain … again!

The forecast called for thunderstorms in the afternoon and we even pulled out the sides of the tent to have ready for hanging when the sky clouded over and the wind picked up.  But we never needed them.  It turned out to be a pleasant day for Bowiefest at Allen Pond in Bowie on Saturday.  We saw old friends and met new ones.  People were interested in Well Considered with its setting in the local area and some seemed interested in attending the upcoming author reading at Bowie Old Town Grille next Sunday, June 13.

Earlier in the week the focus was on Cologne No. 10 for Men and Skytroopers when I did readings and songs at the Memorial Day Writers Project tent near the Wall on Monday and then reunited with other members of 2nd Battalion of the 5th Cavalry (First Air Cavalry Division) – Vietnam era on Thursday and Friday. 

At my Haverford College 45th reunion a week ago Saturday both novels were on display and I was pleased to be able to do a presentation of them to other alumni.

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