Back to Bowie

We’ve seen a little more of Bowie this week than we usually do since the move to Hyattsville.  Normally I’m there one evening a week for a regularly scheduled commitment plus friend visits and errands.  Of course, there are Sundays and the occasional trips to The Sing at Collington where my parents resided for a number of years and where I still have friends.  And then there are the trips to appointments with long-established esteemed professionals.  I guess we’re there a lot more than we think!  But this week, in addition to all-day Saturday at Bowiefest, we’ve made a couple of trips to hand out flyers about Sunday’s author reading at the Old Bowie Town Grille (  Other than flyering our own street where we most recently lived, the effort was rather random, following the main streets leading into Old Bowie.  The on-foot flyering activity allowed us to enjoy some very beautiful homes and landscaping and marvel at some old structures.  If you don’t know “Old Bowie” that’s because it is really “Huntington,”  a  town started in 1870 at the railroad junction of the line between Baltimore and Washington and the line to Popes Creek on the Potomac in Southern Maryland, and not the large Levitt subdivision built on horse farms  in the 1960s, which newcomers may think of as old Bowie.  In the past I’ve led historical tours here and in surrounding areas.  As a lot of the fictional Well Considered was inspired by this area and much of the actual history in Well Considered comes from this area, it’s a perfect place to do this author reading/signing — and you’ll enjoy the food there!  Since some of Well Considered is also set in Annapolis, I hope we might also see some of the Annapolis area people we met on Monday night at PR Bazaar, described in its publicity as “an opportunity to meet the Annapolis-Area Press.”  It was a terrific interactive event (Yes, Wendi, we’ll get our evaluations in).  They’re doing another one Monday, June 14 — you can contact Wendi Winters ( and  If it’s full, at least you’ll be ask to ask them to do another one at a later time.  Hope to see you at Old Bowie Town Grille on Sunday, June 13, at 4:00 — we’ll also have Cologne No. 10 for Men and Skytroopers with us.

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