Downtime now — but not in the true sense of the word.  Since March 13 when we started with the Author’s Cafe at the Women’s Expo in Catonsville until yesterday evening at the Bowie Old Town Grille, we have been doing various book events once or twice a week — packing/unpacking, tailoring presentations to event locations, learning from each one as to what to do same or differently the next time.  With book-festival-type events scheduled to pick up again in the fall, it’s now time to concentrate on cleaning up my office where everything gets stashed when we return, making new lists of things to do, going back to all those “keep-as-new” e-mails that I really intended to answer, and, of course, having a chance to write again!  It will also be an opportunity to post about things we are reading instead of just the events we are attending.  For example, we never returned to telling you about Karl Marlantes’  book Matterhorn after Barbara finished reading it — and I have yet to read it myself.  We actually tried twice last week to hear him speak — at Politics and Prose on Tuesday or alternately, at Barnes & Noble in Annapolis on Thursday — but the other things on our schedule lasted longer than we thought.  Barbara thought there were a lot of similarities between Matterhorn and my books — I dealt with issues of illusions and delusions of war and then conversations about race in two separate shorter books; Marlantes dealt with both in one long novel.  She thought we and our books had a lot of other similarities.  Barbara’s favorite part of Matterhorn was one character’s assessment of the difference between prejudice and racism, in which Jackson said, “We’ll know we’re free of racism when every white person has a black friend…That means every black person has to have seven or eight white friends.”

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