Been waiting for this…

I’m going to add a permanent section of this site to feature my book illustrator — you really have to see her new blog/website at  Authors frequently have no input into their cover illustrations but I had the opportunity to get exactly what I wanted.  The Well Considered cover shows stones behind the characters, and through the opening at the top of the stones one can see a neighborhood setting.  There is mystery about just what is the relationship of the individuals on the cover and what is intended by the demeanor of each.   In Cologne No. 10 for Men, my Vietnam War satire, the bottle of cologne is symbolic of covering up the smell (of the  illusions and delusions of war) — from the time the protagonist purchases it until he discovers that only one drop under his own nose will make the war smell like an Asian garden, and then ….. (you’ll have to read it!)  My illustrator graduated from Maryland Institute College of Art, but she also is a musician and had a lot to do with my Skytroopers CD.  Lucky for me, since the widget fairy lives at her house and assists with the mysteries of computers and designing in general, my illustrator is a three-for-one deal!

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