“Not Available” but all others were also

I was shocked to find Well Considered “Not Available” on Amazon today — and neither was Cologne No. 10 for Men — but I soon discovered that no other titles were available either!  Took a while to even find comments from other people about the situation.  However, once it was back up, I was pleased to discover a new review:

  The past crashes into the future, June 27, 2010

By  Michael Gollin (Washington DC USA) – See all my reviews

This review is from: Well Considered (Paperback) This book is a page turner, weaving together the tales of two families, one white, one African-American, as they confront their past and stumble towards their future. The lives of their ancestors collided a century ago, and through a suspenseful plot, they collide again today, in “Patuxent County” outside Washington DC. Morris lives in Prince George’s County, Maryland, one of the most diverse in the country, and locals will recognize this region and its complex history as the basis for his novel. The descendants of slaves and sharecroppers, tobacco farmers and white supremacists live side by side with recent implants. The location is a microcosm for the rest of the nation, and the characters, dialogue, and inter-racial relationships, as well as the action and drama, will hold much interest for all readers. Morris has a wry sense of humor and a deft ear for dialog between characters having many different racial and cultural backgrounds. Also, as we saw in his Vietnam-era novel, Cologne No. 10 for Men, Morris knows how to put together gripping action scenes. And his deep humanity comes across in the way the story resolves. Dick Morris is a clever writer, and this book deserves broad readership and great success.

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