Another patriotic holiday…

Another patriotic holiday reminds me of Memorial Day and Veterans Day when I participate with the Memorial Day Writers Project near the Vietnam Veterans’  Memorial on the Mall in Washington, DC.  Since I do this twice a year, I have added a subpage under “Appearances & Readings” and posted the 2010 Memorial Day action report that Dick Epstein sent to me.  It is quite detailed and will give you a good idea of what you will experience if you visit us there (Of course, Veterans Day will not be 88 degrees!)  Epstein’s report gives quite a lot of detail about the performers and their works.  I am included in the report and so are Tom Lacombe and Wayne Karlin who were on a panel with me at the Kensington Day of the Book (see my earlier post “No Rain” — not “No Rain…again”).  If you look at Epstein’s report you will also get acquainted with Ed Henry, Gerald Ney, Mike McDonell, Tom McLean, Michael Myers, Jonathan Myer, Dave MacKay, Holley Watts, Penni Evans, Clyde Christofferson, Tom Brinston, Joe Finch, “Tanker” James W. Stewart, Nancy Lynch Steel, and Doug Bergman.  There is always a lot of interest in Dick Epstein’s photograph album of pictures from Vietnam.  On this new sub-page you will see descriptions of the songs I wrote in Vietnam and sang on Memorial Day.  Hope to see you in November!

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