Watching the world go by…


Watching the world go by...

That’s what it felt like at the Takoma Park Street Festival: watching the world go by, ensconced in our stall in a Mediterranean bazaar on a narrow, winding street lined with tents on both sides. In front of our 10×10 canopy, a steady stream of people went each way: parents toting kids in baby carriers and backpacks, and pushing strollers – single and double; kids running, teenagers strolling, adults of all ages, grannies in wheelchairs. There was so much going on: bands on three stages playing reggae, swing tunes, Dixieland, Afro-funk, blues, banjos, big band, folk rock, Americana , folk, rock, swing and jazz vocals…

Dancing at Bandstand

People dancing in front of the bandstands. Merchants selling everything from jewelry and ceramics, to tie-dyed shirts. A face painter for the kids. Balloons! And lots to eat – Thai food, corn dogs, custard cones, hamburgers, portabella mushroom sandwiches, a farmers market, great eats, and kids, kids, kids. Like trout fishermen, we would cast out hooks into the current to draw people in. “These are my novels,” I would say, to get them to turn their heads and look. One woman came up excitedly and told me she bought Well Considered at Bowiefest and loved it and passed it on to her daughter.

A Mediterranean Bazaar

Friends we hadn’t seen in years greeted us. A woman from Teaching For Change Bookstore at Busboys and Poets on V Street in Washington, D.C. said hello. (You can purchase my books from their online bookstore, Search on the book titles.) “This one’s a war satire,” I said, “like Catch-22. But different.” “Oh yeah?”… “This one’s a thriller. Takes place around here.” “Ah. So you’re another Pelecanos.” “I wish I were.”… “You’re selling books? Here?” “Yes.” “And you’re the author?” “Yes. And if you buy one, I’ll sign it for you, and some day it’ll be worth a lot of money.” And it made my day when one woman bought a signed copy of each book. What fun.

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