Busboys and poets…reprise

I have several earlier posts that refer to Busboys and Poets (D.C. 14th & V location). Last spring and summer, soon after I started this blog, I posted many of our experiences related to Busboys and Poets — author presentations, theater opportunities, cross-cultural networking, great food, and the Teaching for Change (www.teachingforchange.org) bookstore. In June of last year, I had still more to say about Busboys and Poets, including why we started going there, so I promised a “Busboys and Poets …reprise.” Here’s the story: I had read Sundown Towns by James Loewen — about towns, suburbs and subdivisions that intentionally exclude minority residents and found that it changed my view of America. I contacted Jim regarding the subject, and he graciously replied.  At that time I learned that he is continuing his research on sundown towns and appreciates input from others on the website http://sundown.afro.illinois.edu/content.php?file=sundowntowns-howto.html.  Eventually, I received an e-mail invitation from him to attend his author presentation at Busboys and Poets on his book Teaching What Really Happened. Due to his invitation, we discovered how easy it is to travel between Hyattsville and Busboys in D.C. by metro, and we’ve been making the trip frequently.  Now, Hyattsville is getting its own Busboys and Poets, so with two easily-accessible locations, I guess we’ll just have to double our participation! By the way, my novels are listed on the Teaching for Change webstore http://bbpbooks.teachingforchange.org/.  Teaching for Change is the bookstore at BB&P. Cologne No. 10 for Men is easy to access there; to find Well Considered, access “Well Considered by Richard Morris.”

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