Clam chowder advice requested

We finally got around to trying out the recipe that was partially the inspiration for Mary’s clam chowder in Well Considered at the party when the neighbors are first getting acquainted across racial barriers.  I had found many mouth-watering recipes, and it served my descriptive purpose to have Mary use one where she whips the heavy cream and folds it into the mixture of steamed egg yolks and sherry combined with many other yummy ingredients.  Has anyone used a recipe like this? It was tasty, but trying to get the ingredients warm enough to meet our idea of a chowder totally obliterated the effect of whipping and folding.  (The proportion of cream was too large to be warmed by the proportion of heated other ingredients.) Do you think this was intended to be a cold soup like gazpacho?  Have you used a clam chowder recipe that has whipped cream folded into the other ingredients? Your ideas can be posted to this blog, sent to me at, or commented on Facebook if you got here from that posting.

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