The positive comments I receive, such as “I loved your book!” or “I cried at the end” for Well Considered, or “I was pleasantly surprised…” about Cologne No. 10 for Men, of course please me and certainly motivate me to believe that I am making a difference — in presenting ideas that cause people to think or see things in new ways in the form of entertaining fiction. It’s just that it is very difficult to get the exposure that motivates people to read my novels in the first place so that they have the opportunity to experience those feelings. Therefore, each recognition in the form of a speaking opportunity, an article, or an interview is very gratifying because it spreads awareness that these novels exist.  It was encouraging to be interviewed by Sarah Nemith at Because Patch online  focuses on local news, events, and connections, the article emphasized local sources for getting a copy of Well Considered or Cologne No. 10 for Men.  They can be ordered from, which is the online store for Busboys and Poets whose Hyattsville store we are excitedly awaiting in May or June 2011, as well as other online bookstores.  And they can also be picked up at the local Hyattsville library. There are copies of Well Considered in the libraries in Hyattsville, Bowie, Laurel, New Carrollton, Largo-Kettering, Oxon Hill, and Surratts-Clinton, which means that one can also get them through interlibrary loan in the State of Maryland. In publicizing the information that my novels are available to be borrowed, you can see that I’m more interested in sharing ideas than in profiting from the sale of those ideas.

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