The Other Side is Music

It was a zero week for writing or even writing promotion, which is what usually interferes with writing. However, this was a week for the “other side”…music. Sunday night found us at Busboys and Poets restaurant in Hyattsville, Maryland for the “I Remember Love Open Mic: Stories About Love & Loss” hosted by Dorothy Tene Redmond ( I sang “Mirage” and “Go to Sleep” — the “other side” of the war and peace songs on my Skytroopers CD. I wrote the lullaby for Barbara’s birthday in 1967 while I was in Viet Nam before we had children and now our grandchildren sing it. (Hear a clip of each at

     Mirage © Richard A. Morris 1968

     First I saw you standing there
With your dark and windy hair
Gazing out upon a lonely blue sea.
Then I shouted through the ocean’s roar and ran to you.
But you vanished like a wave upon the beach.

     Then I saw you in the night
When the glow of city light
Was reflected through a mist upon the street.
But your face became another as I spoke to you,
And another time I tasted bittersweet.

     You are my mirage.
You come and play with me,
Then are gone.
Come back, my mirage.
Run away with me
To the dawn.

     Though we’re half a world apart
There’s a wizard in my heart
That creates you for a moment anywhere.
And my love gets ever stronger at the sight of you
Though you always fade away into thin air.
Come again my sweet mirage.

Go To Sleep © Richard A. Morris 1968

     Go to sleep, little one.
Count your sheep, pretty one.
Daddy’s near, mommy’s near.
Go to sleep.

     Say your prayers, little one.
Your Father cares, pretty one.
Till the dawn, while you’re gone,
He will care.

     Fly away on pillow wings to
little people land,
Where the weeping willow sings and
little kings command

     And when the sun wakes up the day,
Say goodbye, come home to play.
But for now, kiss my brow,
Go to sleep.

The week had started with a visit on Monday to fellow author Roger Skipper’s luthier shop ( in Garrett County, MD where we were vacationing and reconnecting with friends from the days when we lived there. I had previously written about Roger in “Maryland Bookends” Roger’s engrossing published novels are:  Tear Down the Mountain (2006), The Baptism of Billy Bean (2008), Bone Dogs (2010). In addition to letting us see the shop where he makes mandolins, violins, fiddles, guitars, and banjos, he treated us to a musical selection on his banjo, and Rick and Audrey responded with one on Roger’s guitar.

During the week we finally downloaded the Rick and Audrey performance from when they sang their composition “Heavenly” before an audience of 4400 at a church conference in Charlotte, NC earlier this summer. Although we don’t yet have that performance available to post, you can hear their earlier version at – click on “View More Songs” to select “Heavenly.” You should know that this earlier version has a 2-minute piano solo prior to the lyrics that you can either enjoy or move the indicator to 02:15 for the lyrics if you’re in a hurry. You remember that Audrey is the illustrator for my novel covers — and Rick worked on that, too.

Other music we followed during the week were the songs posted on Facebook by Franklin Taggart, my guitarist in a box, who accompanies me to all performances (in the boom box!) and Franklin was also traveling but doing concerts.

Finally, returning from our trip we stopped to visit the Kedzierski family and I had a long-awaited opportunity to hear an exhilarating piano performance by the talented Emeline Kedzierski (“Wedding Day at Troldhaugen” by Edvard Grieg: ) and to look at her choral and clarinet compositions. Also there was Wendy Kedzierski, Emeline’s mother and managing editor of Valley Homes and Style magazine (see the most recent issue at, who informed us that Roger Skipper will be appearing in an upcoming issue in an article about luthiers.

…and my family sang Happy Birthday every night.

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  1. I really enjoyed your performance! Thank you again for coming out!

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