Takoma streets, Takoma voices

Today we received the reminder that the Takoma Park Street Festival is coming up just over a month away on 10/2/11. Learn more about the music, artisans, community groups, children’s activities, food vendors and variety of green companies who will be participating at their website www.takomafestival.com.  You can find me on the list of 2011 participants. I wouldn’t miss it after the great time I had there last year. A description of last year’s Festival from my viewpoint can be found at https://richardmorrisauthor.wordpress.com/2010/10/11/watching-the-world-go-by. Because the Festival is getting close, there may be more interest now in the link to the review of Cologne No. 10 for Men by the Takoma Voice at the side of this blog. However, that link no longer works, so I thought I would include the review in this post. 























Other Reviews:

“A superb novel of the Vietnam war, a novel that compares favorably with those earlier ‘dark humor’ war novels such as CATCH-22 and M.A.S.H.
The writing crackles with authenticity.   — Writers Digest

“A funny and serviceable satire about the gross rationalizations
that propel war and peace.”     —Kirkus Reviews

 “I love the way Wilfred recycles the bodies. That’s fabulous stuff with a direct line to Heller’s Catch-22 and perfectly captures the insanity of the
Vietnam War.”   —Richard Peabody, Editor of Gargoyle Magazine

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