Did it happen here?

Hyattsville Author Richard Morris

Maryland is a southern state with a history of tobacco plantations, slaves, sharecropping, tenant farms, and Jim Crow. Harriett Tubman and Frederick Douglass were slaves here. There were forty-three lynchings, and school segregation survived into the nineteen seventies. There were attempts by the legislature to take away the black vote in 1905 and again in 1910. A Howard University professor was arrested for riding in the white section of a railroad car in Cecil County in 1905. I remember attending the last tobacco auction in Upper Marlboro a few years ago and seeing through thin paint the signs on the bathroom doors in the auction barn: “white” and “colored.” Prince George’s, now the most affluent majority African-American county in the country, was once a center for tobacco farming in the state. In recent history, county census data shows that nearly a third of a million white residents left the county between 1970 and 2000 – more than the population of Pittsburgh. There was massive white flight from school integration and busing…

In the current issue of The Hyattsville Life and Times, see the article entitiled “The secret history of Prince George’s County.” It focuses on my novel Well Considered and the history it describes.  The article was written by Julia Duin, president of the board of HL&T,  former religion editor for the Washington Times, and a frequent contributor to articles in the Washington Post Sunday Magazine. Click below to find the article. It’s on Page 7:


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