Earth Day in Kensington

Kensington International Day of the Book 2012

The sky drenched us with much-needed rain yesterday at the International Day of The Book in Kensington, Maryland ( but kept away the festival-goers. Booksellers under canopies offered their rich assortments of books, but few people braved the cold rain to explore them.

Richard Morris

I shared my stall with novelist David Levy, Author of Revolt of the Animals, a fellow resident of Hyattsville, Maryland. Down the street, another Hyattsville author, Julia Duin, offered her non-fiction books: Days of Fire and Glory: The Rise and Fall of a Charismatic Community;  Quitting Church: Why the Faithful are Fleeing and What to Do about It;  Waiting for True Love: And Other Tales of Purity, Patience, and Faithfulness (with Diana Magnuson);  andPurity Makes the Heart Grow Stronger: Sexuality and the Single Christian.

David Levy

Julia Duin

Despite the weather, we had an enjoyable experience, suffering together and having mushroom and barley soup and tuna fish sandwiches in the Tea Room across the street.

Thanks again to Elisenda Sola-Sole, who always does a great organizing job and who gave me my first festival opportunity just after I started this blog two years ago (reference past blogs “No Rain”  and “Pelicans in Kensington”). Al and his team also did a great job moving right in to help participants get their canopies erected in the rain.

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1 Response to Earth Day in Kensington

  1. Ginny says:

    I’m glad you survived the rain and the cold.

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