A Curiosity Shop

Clarke Bedford and Vanadu

If you think you’ve seen it all, you should have been down by the train station at the Riverdale Park, Maryland, ArtsFest2012 on Sunday. It was an excellent place to explore curiosities and treasures.

• Artist Clarke Bedford from Hyattsville, Maryland, a curator at the Smithsonian’s Hirsh Horn Museum displayed Vanadu, his outrageous gothic art car (http://clarkebedford.com/cms/index.php/contact-info/intro/).

One String Willie

• One String Willie (David Williams from Philadelphia) (www.onestringwillie.com) made diddley bows (one-string slide guitars) for kids out of 2x4s, nails and wire and taught the children how to play them

• Staff from the College Park Aviation Museum at the world’s oldest continuously operated airport, College Park, assembled on-site a replica of the Wright Brothers’ biplane wings. www.collegeparkaviationmuseum.com/

Chris Benjamin and Model Trains

• Delvin Fanning, and other University of Maryland soil scientists, displayed a large Russian map showing the types of soils all over that country as well as four-foot-high samples of different types of soil

Young Docents from Riversdale Mansion

• Chris Benjamin from the Riverdale Model Railroad Club displayed Model trains—a perfect complement to the full-scale freight trains that shrieked and roared and rumbled past the festival all day long.

Young Docents from Riversdale Mansion

• Minature docents from nearby Riversdale Mansion, dressed at the Doll House, a nearby antique doll shop, made frequent appearances (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Riversdale_Mansion)

• We authors resided in our literary corner, telling people stories; among us were Yi Weng, who displayed a book of imaginative cartoons (www.brushmen.com), some of the six authors who wrote Fourth Sunday, the Journey of a Book Club and call themselves B.W. Read (www.bwread.com), and Ann Ferguson (represented by Audrey Bragg) author of the children’s book, A Fine New Home for Young James Madison. Well Considered caught people’s interest because of its Maryland history and racial issues (and suspense), and a Vietnam vet bought Cologne No. 10 For Men. Several people expressed interest in having me do readings to a group.

Richard Morris

Dozens of artists filled booths in the Town Center, and bands played on the performance stage all day–R&B, Blues, Oldies, Jazz-Pop, and Mexican–emceed by David Burd, news personality at DC’s WTOP-FM (103.5).

Overall, ‘twas a pleasant day in Riverdale Park.

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