Not an art book either

One of my earlier posts told about the assumption some people make that Well Considered is a romance novel when they see the black protagonist and the white female character (a neighbor) in the cover illustration even though the characters are not making eye contact and both look troubled about something. We learned to incorporate into conversation about Well Considered that it is a thriller with history built into it, not a romance novel.

I will add that Well Considered and Cologne No. 10 For Men are also not art books although they now can be found at the Art Under Pressure store at Busboys and Poets in Hyattsville, MD. Art Under Pressure was a welcome addition in the Arts District, selling art supplies, but also books and other items.

On Sunday, July 29, (6:30-8:00) I and three other authors will do readings and sign books at the Busboys and Poets Restaurant in Hyattsville, MD. Books may be purchased at the Art Under Pressure store in the restaurant

David L. Levy (fiction: Revolt of the Animals,,
Andra Damron (nonfiction: Hyattsville,,
Julia Duin (nonfiction: Days Of Fire And Glory; Quitting Church; Knights, Maidens and Dragons,, and
Richard Morris (fiction: Well Considered; Cologne No. 10 For Men, ).

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