Benny’s Mission: An American Classic

Benny's Missionby Stanford Pritchard

Benny’s Mission
by Stanford Pritchard

Recently, I read Benny’s Mission by Stanford Pritchard. This satirical saga carried me away and enthralled me with its story about Benny Wise. So I had to write a review of it:

Benny’s Mission is an American classic–part Candide, part Forrest Gump, part
Huckleberry Finn. Join Benny Wise on his lifetime odyssey as radical political
organizer, revolutionary, longshoreman, cabdriver, fish-packer, blood donor,
get-rich-quick artist, fighter pilot, speechwriter, warmonger, reporter, city
council member, and mayoral candidate. Follow him as he stirs old people into
angry purpose—and a belief in eternal life on earth—and probes the injustices
of life. A brilliant satire of the moral, political, and social philosophies of
our age, with meat and humor for us all, and some echoes from Cologne No. 10 For Men.  —R.M.

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