Genuine Stanford Pritchard

Terminal Vibrato by Stanford K. PritchardTerminal Vibrato* is a potpourri of stories by novelist and playwright Stanford K. Pritchard that is genuine Pritchard. Dip into the stew, and you will bring up on your spoon pieces that are raucously funny, subtly witty, illuminating, touching, or impelling. Start with a novella about a down-and-out fighter who has one-way philosophical conversations with a comatose body lying beside him in a hospital room. Then read stories about a grand metaphor (warring armies), a transoceanic cruise, a bus ride past the famed Tishmani Gorge, a holy man blessing the gods that allow his airplane to fly, an immigrant on the rise, incompetent cops, the downfall of an honored amateur archeologist, a rapidly spreading crying pandemic, a betrothal reunion, a visitor who can never take root, the astonishing reversal of a promising relationship, a world without books, an interviewer who knows more about the interviewee than the interviewee does, two burglars in pursuit of jewels, and a pianist yearning to play a flawless solo in a symphony orchestra performance (and terrified that he won’t). What a rich medley we have here. Invariably I ask, from whence in the prolific brain of Stanford Pritchard does all this emanate?

*[“Terminal Vibrato: Vibrato (oscillation) added to the end of a sustained musical note, whether played or sung, to give it life…”].

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