Undaunted … at Port o’ Bladensburg

A few years ago in the midst of our urban surroundings less than two miles from where we live, we discovered the seaport of Bladensburg and I wrote one of my most popular blog posts https://richardmorrisauthor.wordpress.com/2010/09/16/a-heron-on-the-anacostia/.  We enjoyed imagining sailing ships actually being able to come upriver to this location; visualizing the first unmanned balloon launch in the world taking place in Bladensburg; picturing telegraph inventor Samuel F.B. Morse watching the first telegraph line being strung through Bladensburg where he lived; and thinking of the Astrodon Johnstoni dinosaurs roaming the area.



A friend told us that she had recently presented a paper which included Charles Grafton Page’s 1851 test of the first full-sized electromagnetic locomotive with a five-mile run from Washington, D.C. to Bladensburg at a top speed of 19 miles per hour.

Of course, Bladensburg’s famous history concerns the War of 1812 Battle of Bladensburg which took place when the British crossed Prince George’s County enroute to burning government buildings in Washington, D.C. including the capitol building and the White House. Now I look forward to learning a lot more history as I participate as a vendor at Anacostia-Undaunted activitiesUndaunted  Weekend/Battle of Bladenburg selling my books.

Especially, my novel Well Considered should be appropriate for this event as it describes Prince George’s County with its history of tobacco plantations, slaves, tenant farming and sharecropping, and rolling hogsheads of tobacco down the Annapolis Road to Bladensburg to be loaded onto sailing ships headed to Baltimore and France. (http://undauntedweekend.splashthat.com/)

Image by Maryland Milestones/ATHA Inc.

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