Horton, Sneetches, and Piranhas!

On March third, I had the opportunity to read Dr. Seuss’s Horton Hatches the Egg (in 4th grade) and The Sneetches (in 1st grade) to Hyattsville, MD Elementary School students. I knew the stories grabbed them because the  students were quiet and attentive, waiting to see how the stories would end – with the birth of an elephant-bird in one, after Horton the elephant sat on the bird’s nest for a year through rain, snow, wind, and heat –

Sneetches and Piranhas!

and in the other class, with the star-bellied Sneetches making friends with those who had no stars. What was most gratifying to me, though, was how they listened and laughed during my canoe story from Canoedling In Cleveland – the one about paddling up the Amazon, being attacked by piranhas that bite holes in the bottom of the canoe, and being saved by juicy fruity gum. They loved it! Books are better than video games any day.

I was reminded to write this post after noticing recent views of my previous blog post following Dr. Suess’s birthday two years ago.

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