Scaring the Rain in Bowie

Bowiefest at Allen Pond - Bowie, Maryland

Bowiefest at Allen Pond – Bowie, Maryland

Saturday we scared away the rain all day and had a pleasant Bowiefest at Allen Pond Park in Bowie, Maryland. Bands played, singers sang, miniature people danced on the stage and twirled batons and walked by with painted faces and cotton candy, dogs sniffed, and the banjo player strolled. There was doo wop, classic rock, bluegrass, R&B, smooth jazz, and music of the Temptations, The Drifters, and The Platters. And a wide variety of tasty food.

photo 2This year we talked not only to people about my new book, Canoedling in Cleveland, and Well Considered, which takes place in Bowie. We were able to tell people that Cologne No. 10 For Men was accepted into the Naval Academy Library in Annapolis. And a Vietnam veteran actually pointed to the “No. 10” and gave a loud hoot (“No. 10” in Vietnamese parlance means “very bad”)—evidence that my satire was truly satirical. We also chatted with former neighbors, people from our church, previous buyers who liked their books, history buffs about Well Considered, and the big three C’s:  canoeists, canoodlers, and Clevelanders. We were able to share the books with many people and came home tired, but happy. For us, that’s better than playing golf or going on a cruise.

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