A texting nightmare

Finding Erin CampbellA new light is in my sky, a novelist named Kathy Cunningham. I’ve known her for a quarter of a century, but now she’s published a compelling novel for young adults.

Here’s the gist of it. Finding Erin Campbell describes a high school girl descending into a nightmare from which she cannot seem to awake. Erin is a popular white high school girl, daughter of prominent attorneys, who runs down a boy on a bicycle while she is driving and texting, and leaves the scene of the accident. She avoids responsibility for the murder, and entangles herself in a thicket of lies. Macy Wilkes, an African-American classmate who can’t afford a lawyer, is accused of the crime and faces a long jail sentence. Erin is tortured by guilt, but doesn’t know what to do. [And I won’t tell you any more!]

Finding Erin Campbell is a tension-filled morality play about racism, classism, and the consequences of texting while driving and not promptly accepting responsibility for one’s actions. [Racism and classism are themes I have addressed in different ways in Well Considered, Canoedling in Cleveland, and Cologne No. 10 For Men.]Kathy Cunningham 2

Finding Erin Campbell is a gripping tale of crime without punishment that should enthrall a wide audience.

Hurrah, Kathy!


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