A Saturday run on Cologne

Tyke Brings Bird To Pet Contest

Tyke Brings Bird To Pet Contest

We came to the Vermilion (OH) Festival of the Fish to sell Canoedling in Cleveland which, of course, includes a canoe trip down the Vermilion River and a children’s fantasy story about the vermi-lions (lion-worms) on the Vermilion River.

Lagoon on the Vermilion River

Lagoon on the Vermilion River

When we pack for festivals, we try to pack the supply of books according to what we think will be most popular. Therefore, we packed most of our stock of Canoedling but just some extras (not the entire stock) of Well Considered and Cologne No. 10 for Men.  Yesterday, the Friday which was the first day of the festival, turned out to be pretty cold after a downpour Thursday night leaving a flood in the hotel parking lot.

Fish Balloons

Fish Balloons

We had been at 95 degrees when we left the D.C. area but suddenly found ourselves wearing four layers of sweaters and jackets. Today has dawned slightly overcast but warm and no rain yet (although possible later). Suddenly, we have a run on Cologne No. 10 for Men — have sold several today already. It could be due to Father’s Day but we haven’t heard that information from purchasers. Barbara hopes she brought enough of that particular book but, we really wouldn’t care if we sold out!

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