Loganberry Books’ Author Alley

Inside Loganberry Books

Inside Loganberry Books

Step into Loganberry Books, an independently owned and operated bookstore in the historic Larchmere neighborhood of Shaker Heights, an eastern suburb of Cleveland, and you’ll find an intriguing mix of old books and new. The store features a carefully curated collection of new, used and rare books in all genres for both readers and collectors, with an inventory over 100,000 volumes.

Front and Side

Author Alley by Loganberry Books


Last weekend, it was my pleasure to participate in their “Author Alley,” part of the local Larchmere Festival, selling my novel Canoedling in Cleveland.

Canoedling Front Cover_FinalI met many nice people and, under my little red sunshade, I told them about my three teenage aquatic sleuths. That trio risks their lives canoeing all the polluted lakes and dead rivers around Cleveland in 1960 (which have since been brought back to life through the hard work of many Clevelanders), investigates the racial segregation in the city, and tries to build bridges between the black and white communities.
Me pitching 3

To my right was a former sportswriter for an Akron newspaper selling his book about LeBron James, hand over fist, and to my left, Laura Peskin, a Cleveland area historian. Laura expresses her history in prose; I clothe mine in fiction.

Happily, in spite of all the competition, I was able to introduce my book to many Clevelanders and also make some sales.

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