A battle for survival

OraleeThis is Roger Alan Skipper’s story about Oralee, an uneducated, honest, fiercely independent Appalachian woman who, despite hardscrabble poverty and adversity, refuses to accept government welfare (or assistance from anyone). She battles to survive and care for her infant daughter with little help from her lazy, beer-sodden husband Pedey.

At first, they live with Pedey’s dad, Burk, who owns a convenience store and gas station. Then, wanting a place of their own, they move into a trailer. Pedey is injured and loses his job, and leaves town to find work in the city. Things turn from bad to worse in this inspiring tale of struggle, courage, love, and principle.

Rich in metaphor, aphorism, and description, it may be Roger Skipper’s best.

Congratulations, Roger!

See Roger’s bio and books at http://www.amazon.com/Roger-Alan-Skipper/e/B001JP3KDO.

Also see my earlier blog posts on Roger: Maryland Bookends and The Other Side Is Music.

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