Rain and Wind, but no Fire or Pestilence!

Bubbles At New Carrollton Community Day

Amazing windblown bubbles At New Carrollton Community Day

After visiting Cleveland, Ohio, four times this summer to sell Canoedling in Cleveland, we began our fall festival schedule close to home at the New Carrollton Community Day on Saturday, September 12, 2015.

A Rainy Day at New Carrollton, MD

“Just sittin’ in the rain . . .la la”  at New Carrollton, MD, waitin’ to sell some books

Clown on Unicycle

Clown on Unicycle

The forecast called for RAIN all day, but the showers were sporadic, and many brave souls ventured out to visit us, including New Carrollton Mayor Andrew C. Hanko, U.S. House of Representatives Minority Whip Steny Hoyer from Maryland, Maryland State Delegate Alonzo Washington, and Prince George’s County Council Member Dannielle Glaros.

Dancing Girls

Dancing Girls

Redtailed Hawk and Possum from EchoesOfNature.org

Red Tailed Hawk and Possum from EchoesOfNature.org

Kids' Stuff

Kids’ Stuff

The following day (Sunday afternoon and evening 9/13/15) we were at the Fairwood Arts Festival at Fairwood Community Park, Bowie, Maryland.

Akua Allrich, jazz vocalist and her group

Akua Allrich, jazz vocalist and her group

This festival combined art with excellent “jazz in the park.” Featured performers included Rob White on his sweet saxophone, Lorenzo Miller, Largo H.S. Choir, the spectacular Akua Allrich, and Upton Blues Band.

The WIND almost blew us away on this sunny day, and we were glad to have our canopy weighted down with twenty-pound weights.

Largo High School Choir, Largo, Maryland

Largo High School Choir, from Largo, Maryland

Visiting us today was author Michael Gollin, who wrote the back cover review on my novel Well Considered, about the fictional murder of a black farmer by a mob on a tobacco plantation in 1907 in Bowie, Maryland, quite near the Fairwood Plantation where the festival was located. The festival was one mile down Route 450 from a sound wall at the corner of Grenville Lane on which horrific racist graffiti was scrawled in 2006. I made this event the first scene in my novel Well Considered to show that we are still fighting racial prejudice today.

Sacred Heart Church (Bowie, Maryland)

Sacred Heart Church (Bowie, Maryland)

I also find it interesting that the festival site is seven miles down Route 450 from where Archbishop John Carroll, with five other Jesuit fathers, organized the Roman Catholic Church in the United States and Georgetown University in 1783 on what is now the site of Sacred Heart Church in Bowie, Maryland. New Carrollton was named after John Carroll, as were John Carroll University, and other schools and churches.

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