Nearly gone with the wind!

Canopy Skeletons in Old Bowie

Merchants holding down canopy skeletons in Old Bowie, Maryland

We’ve already been to four festivals this year, and I’m just getting around to writing about them. Here goes ~

At the Old Town Bowie Antique & Craft Spring Fling 2016 (Sunday, May 15  in Old Bowie, MD), the wind puffs were so strong on Sunday at the Old Bowie Spring Fling that one canopy was blown down the road thirty yards, frame and all, and merchandise scattered with it. Several sellers (including us) took down their sails, leaving only their frames, and others packed up their frames too. In spite of the gusts, we told tales from our thriller Well Considered with gusto (I had to say it) and attracted many new readers of this story, which took place near this historic town in 1907 and 2006. So our day was not completely gone with the wind (more apologies to y’all). I especially enjoyed the bee-keeper exhibit with live bees.

Soft Music at the Green Man Festival

Soft Strands of Sound at the Green Man Festival

Saturday and Sunday, May 7 & 8, found us at The Green Man Festival, an environmentally friendly fair in Historic Greenbelt, Maryland, which featured music, a robot doing Rubik’s Cube puzzles, people strolling around in green costumes, face painting, and good food. Here people warmed to Canoedling in Cleveland, the story about the teens canoeing polluted waters in Cleveland in 1960, the burning Cuyahoga River, which Clevelanders have restored to bring back the fish, birds, and people. CinC is also a story of how Jeff and Lori try to break down racial barriers in their city.

Poet Richard Epstein reads at Kensington

Vietnam veteran and poet Richard Epstein reads at Kensington

Kensington Day of the Book, (Sunday, April 24)— Howard Ave. at Armory Ave., Kensington, Maryland featured all kinds of books, poetry readings, storytelling, famous authors, the Nighthawks band, Rock-A-Sonics, folk/rock by Eli August & the Abandoned Buildings, and the Moveable Feast Food Court. Folks here seemed attracted to my Vietnam War satire, Cologne No. 10 For Men, while those with Cleveland connections grabbed Canoedling in Cleveland.

Ready to go at the College Park Book Festival

Ready to go at the College Park Book Festival

Saturday afternoon on April 9th was the  College Park Community Library Book Festival, in College Park, Maryland, home of the University of Maryland Terrapins (Fear the Turtle). It was a light crowd in a new location, but books still sold well.

Testudo the Terrapin

Testudo the Terrapin

Coming Up! Maybe we’ll see YOU:
on Monday, May 30, in the Memorial Day Writers Project Tent, on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., near Constitution Avenue and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, 11:30 to 5:00. I’ll sing songs I wrote in Vietnam in 1967 and read from Cologne No. 10 For Men.

Or maybe we’ll see you on Saturday, June 4, at Bowiefest in Allen Pond Park, Bowie, Maryland from 11 to 6.

Or on Saturday & Sunday, June 18 & 19, I’ll be in The Writers Hooch on LZ Maryland at Maryland State Fairgrounds in Timonium, Maryland, as Maryland Public Television Salutes Maryland Vietnam Veterans. I’ll sing a couple of songs and tell about my war experiences, and we’ll sell Cologne No. 10 For Men.

On July 8-10, we’ll be at Summerfest 2016  in Fairview Park, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland–Friday (6-11), Saturday (10-11), and Sunday (9-5) at Bohlken Park.

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