Replicating People

Mirror Vision

Kathy Cunningham’s highly imaginative new novel Mirror Vision is a fascinating book of ideas with interesting characters and an ingenious and compelling plot. This follows her other young adult novels Finding Erin Campbell, which begins with a girl texting while driving, and her psychological mystery, Beautiful Lies.


In Mirror Vision, Kathy Cunningham has created a world in which humans are cloned—replicated—so that the copy can be used to provide spare parts, organs, and blood for their free recipients until they are eighteen. The “replicates” are stored in buildings cut off from knowledge of the outside world. They grow up with other “reps,” uneducated and ignorant, but well-fed and relatively happy with their friends. Replications, Inc., the giant corporation that stores the reps, considers them to be inhuman property—chattel—that they can dispose of when necessary.  Kate Marcellus, a high school senior, has antagonized her mother to the point that Mrs. Marcellus activates her “substitution clause” and replaces Kate with her replicate, Kay. Kate enters the Replications storage buildings with the reps. The story moves with intrigue and suspense and describes what human cloning might be like and the slavery that might result, in which the human replicates are locked away from free society, denied education, and can be murdered with impunity.

Kathy Cunningham

Kathy Cunningham


I highly recommend this interesting and entertaining book for young adults of all ages. –Richard Morris

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