Hyattsville Arts & Ales (my usual pose)

Hyattsville Arts & Ales  (and me in my usual pose)

The Zombie Board dancing man on the left shows our books

The Zombie Board man on the left praises our books with raised arms

In a “twofer” this year, the Hyattsville Arts Festival became the Hyattsville Arts and Ales Festival and was about twice as large and twice as much fun (and twice as many book sales). And in my own personal twofer, not only did I have my own booth to sell books but my book logo was featured in another booth on the next street as I am a sponsor for the Hyattsville Elementary School P.T.A. Zombie Run.

Children Receive Tattoos at Zombie Run booth

Children receive tattoos at Zombie Run booth

We have appreciated for several years that this festival includes the literary arts as well as visual arts and crafts (and now beer!).                                                                                                              6-18-14 Canoedling Cover  Cologne No. 10 For Men CoverAlso exhibiting at this festival were popular children’s author Mary Amato, and Mary Jeffers, who displays a lovely collection of international children’s books and who has given me some suggestions regarding my upcoming novel, Masjid Morning.

Let’s hear it for twofers!

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