My new baby has arrived!

I’m delighted to report that my fourth novel, Masjid Morning, an interfaith romance, has arrived today. (“Masjid” is Arabic for “mosque” and is pronounced “mass-jid.”) The book is available on and Kindle, and may be here just in time considering the recent rise in Islamophobia. And some people at this time may want to learn more about Islam and what it has in common with other religions.

Here’s the gist of the story:


Cover by Audrey Engdahl

While their families feud, Atif and Amy fall in love and strive to surmount their conflicting religious and cultural backgrounds, and opposition from their families.

In a small Maryland town, Atif, a premed student, and Amy, a high school senior, meet secretly as Atif answers Amy’s questions about Islam. Their attraction grows, and Amy tries to convert him to Christianity, while Atif believes that if they marry, she will convert to Islam.

Atif’s father, an immigrant from Lahore, Pakistan and chief surgeon at a hospital, is leading his congregation in construction of a mosque, while Amy’s father, a decorated veteran of the Battle of Mogadishu who owns a large dairy farm, is opposed to the construction and heads a group doing everything they can to stop it.

Masjid Morning is about two young people in two families and two homes with two religions. Where do they belong?

“The book is excellent.”       –Lobna “Luby” Ismail, Pres., Connecting Cultures

Masjid Morning is a Romeo and Juliet story set in present day rural America with characters struggling over questions of love, loyalty and belonging.  It makes one question whether community spirit can ever overcome the violence of our prejudices.”                                –Cynthia A. Snavely, minister

“In this stimulating, suspenseful story, two people, balanced between youth and adulthood, struggle with romantic tension, the future, the purpose of life, truth, and injustice, while the world around them battles over the construction of a house of prayer. The book moves effortlessly between technical descriptions of a mosque rising from the ground like a living being and the emotional struggles between religions.”
– Jay Endelman, homebuilder

“A good book for interfaith dialogue. The conversations are set within a story, which takes away some of the formality of such dialogues.”
– Dawud Abdur-Rahman, author of The Dhikr of Authenticity

“The framed pictures of Lahore on the walls of Atif’s living room reminded me of my summer vacation visits to my grandparents in Lahore from our home in Faisalabad when I was a child.”                        –Rafay Ihsan, college student

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    How much are the books? Depending on the price I’d like to order two autographed copies. CONGRATULATIONS

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