Kensington Day of the Book 2017!

It’s that time again. Mid-April  brings the Kensington International Day of the book. This year we’ll have four books to offer–Cologne No. 10 For Men, Well Considered, Canoedling in Cleveland, and my new one, Masjid Morning.

We’re excited that we have a great new Kirkus Review of Masjid Morning (“A thought-provoking and ultimately moving story”–Kirkus Reviews) and one by Goodreads (“A powerful novel about hate and intolerance–religious and racial”–Kathy Cunningham), as well as good reviews of the first three books.  And with Masjid Morning, as with all my other books, purchasers get a free six by nine-inch print of a painting by Audrey Engdahl (the cover itself). Take a look at this one, when you’re thinking about art:


(Click on the covers below to order and see reviews)

masjid-cover 6-18-14 Canoedling Cover  Cologne No. 10 For Men Cover

Come Join Us at Day of the Book on Sun. April 23 from 11 to 4 in Kensington, MD!
3786 Howard Ave.)

Special guests of the festival are: 

Many other authors will be selling their books: 

Bands will play:


KTown loves to Rock! Featuring blues/root rock by The Nighthawks, rockabilly by the Rock-A-Sonics, and dark melodic folk/rock of Eli August & the Abandoned Buildings.


“A Moveable Feast” Food Court Seven food trucks to satisfy tummies of all sizes.

Join Us on Sunday April 23 from 11 to 4 in Kensington, MD!
(3786 Howard Ave.)

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