Bullish Research

In the air

Sorry, stock market fans, this is about a different kind of stock.

Saturday night June 7 we experienced Dave Martin’s Bullride Mania at Anne Arundel County Fairgrounds in Crownsville, Maryland, north of Annapolis. It was a trip.

Thousands gathered to see:

    Horseback Riders

fifty horses and riders in Western regalia gallop into the arena and line up for the national anthem;

National Anthem

a dance contest of kids under six (the audience applauded and roared to crown the champion);

Stick-Pony Race

children racing stick ponies and riding sheep, bronco-style;

Wave to mom

and at last, the bull-riding contest. Riders were lucky to stay on the animals eight seconds when they put all four feet into the air (“the most dangerous eight seconds in sports”). What a hoot. There was more to come, but we had to leave.

And all to research a possible scene–a puzzle-piece–in my next novel.

Ready for roping

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    Sounds like loads of fun.

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