Happy Birthday, Michael

Michael A. Gollin

Author, poet, and intellectual property expert Michael Gollin celebrated his sixtieth birthday last week. Gollin, who wrote the back cover review on my book Well Considered, is author of Driving Innovation: Intellectual Property Strategies for a Dynamic World and Innovation Life Love: Reflections on Living with Mortality. The second book is a compilation of his blog posts over the past few years since he was diagnosed with ALS–about his bucket-list adventures with his family, his thoughts, and humor. These days Michael is wheelchair-bound and communicates by moving his eyes. He is one of the most delightful and courageous people I know, and I am one of the many who love him dearly.

For his birthday, I wrote him the following song:

“A Toast to Michael Gollin”
Words by Richard Morris

1957-2017 (so far) – sixty years old on 6-3-17

(To the tune of “To Life” from Fiddler on the Roof)
A toast to Michael Gollin
To Michael A. Gollin, a toast
He is a Renaissance Man
Never an also-ran…
Drink l’chaim to Mike

To Mike the patent lawyer
For pharmies and biotech firms
A Georgetown Business professor yay
wrote the book on IPA…
Drink l’chaim to Mike

His pro bono work on Intel property led him to many foreign lands
And to found a public interest org to help so many others understand

To Mike, the dad and husband
His legacy lives on and on
Through Jill his beloved wife,
Natasha, Max and Julia…
Drink l’chaim to Mike

To Mike the bold explorer
Hauled his kin to foreign lands
The Galapagos Islands and
Kruger Safari Park…
Drink l’chaim to Mike

And down into the Everglades
And rafting the Canyon Grand
Down the Peruvian Amazon
And up Machu Pichu mountaintop…
Drink l’chaim to Mike

Then he changed into a blogger with poetry and stories for all of us to read
And poured them into Innovation, Life, and Love about Mortality

“Play the cards you’re dealt!” he wrote
And “I am a lucky man”
Remember,“You’re not alone.”
And “We’re not alone” and…
Drink l’chaim to Mike!

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