Free Delivery

Free Delivery

Amazon Prime had nothing on us today! We offered free delivery on our books so that runners wouldn’t have to carry them home. We would deliver them to their door (just like UPS) or  mail them (just like USPS).

Start of the 5K Zombie Run
10-14-2017 Hyattsville, MD

Why the special service? Because today our market was runners–about 570 of them at the Zombie Run in Hyattsville–many of whom were miniature zombies–lots with painted faces. We could make the offer because most of the runners were local, and the “book rate” at the Post Office is pretty cheap for those who weren’t.

This was the second annual Zombie Run produced by the Hyattsville Elementary School PTA, and I was a sponsor for the event.

Little Zombies line up for 1K

Many runners who liked our books left their wallets home and had no cash or plastic, so we directed them to our local Busboys and Poets Bookstore or Franklins General Store in Hyattsville or online to purchase their copies. Several people commented on seeing Masjid Morning and my other books in the front of the newly arranged bookstore at Busboys in Hyattsville.

Busboys and Poets Book Store

Zombie Run Sponsors





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