If your church romanticizes …

“If your church romanticizes the Hondurans they reach out to on short term mission trips, but demonizes the Hondurans seeking asylum in a refugee caravan, it might be time to re-examine what mission is really all about” is going around on Facebook currently.

Some readers of Masjid Morning by Richard Morris questioned whether character Randall, Amy’s father, was realistic enough — that they did not know people like this in their churches and in their lives.

Here is an excerpt:

masjid-coverThat night, when they were getting ready for bed, Eunice told Randall, “Maybe we need to get her away from here—get her mind on other things.”
“What—like to a camp or something?”
“Yes, but I think that would be too short. She needs to be away from this boy for a long time.”
“You think it is a boy, then?” he asked.
“It has to be, the way she’s acting. And I think it’s a Muslim boy.”
“God save us!” he said, pulling his pajama top over his head.
“It’s probably too late for her to become a camp counselor somewhere—camps are probably staffed up.”
“Maybe we could have her volunteer for a work camp,” he suggested, “building houses somewhere.”
“That’s an idea. I think Habitat’s still working along the Gulf Coast and in Haiti.”
He took off his watch and put it on the end table. “But I don’t think we want her around all those black people, do we? That would be asking for trouble. We don’t know what might happen to her in either of those places. Why don’t we ask around at church tomorrow about what mission trips are available and see what she might be interested in.”

Masjid Morning was published in 2016. Was Richard Morris ahead of his time in portraying such Christians? Would a reading of Masjid Morning today bring the response, “Right on target!” “Aptly describes …” Did it just take the reality that we could elect Trump as President and have many Christians continue to support him, to make us start to understand the true character of people we might know, love, or respect?

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