Camp Radcliff

1st Cavalry Division Association 2019 calendar arrived today. Featured on the front is Camp Radcliff, Vietnam. Although Richard Morris’s Vietnam war satire, Cologne No. 10 for Men, refers to Camp Radcliff as Camp Vassar, Camp Radcliff was actually named for Major Donald Radcliff, the First Cavalry’s first combat death, and not the “Seven Sisters” college with similar spelling. Morris wrote about Camp Radcliff in his blog post “Fact or Fiction in Vietnam” Interchanging satirical names with actual names, Morris described the real Camp Radcliff:

The Last (First) Cavalry Division Base at Onkay (Ankhe)—Camp Vassar (Camp Radcliff)—had a swimming pool, officers club, NCO club, PX [store], commissary [grocery store], chapel, and library). No one carried a gun.” 

Another interesting article  describes the shopping at Camp Radcliff, “As a reporter for a division newspaper raved about the P.X. at Camp Radcliff in the Central Highlands of Vietnam: “There are a lot of shopping centers—in fact, whole towns—back in the world where you couldn’t find snuff, anchovies, baby oil, dice, flash bulbs, radios, and steak sauce in the same store, or even in the same general area. But at Camp Radcliff you can buy almost anything you want.” This article is a fascinating piece that describes the two different wars in Vietnam, that of the “REMFs” and that of the “grunts.” 

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