Skytroopers CD – Listener Reviews

Dear Morris,
Your handsome gift of CD “Skytroopers” received in good shape. I am enjoying. Tunes and words very strong and moving–a great mix of 1968 and Today’s memories. “Col Robbie” is especially good–on Target.
Thanks for remembering me. We could have some good talks if possible. I am a muted Hawk now.
                                     Stay “Ready.”
                                     J.B. Love
Col. Joseph B. Love, Apt. 2, 4160 Ortega Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32210-4403 (former commander 2nd Battalion 5th Cavalry 1st Cavalry Division RVN 1967-68)

— Being a Vietnam vet, it is nice to hear songs written by a fellow vet that relate to my experiences. I can hear the folk music influence of the time in the songs. Nice music, nice voice, good job! — Rolando A. Salazar

— Skytroopers vividly brings back sound-images of a noble effort. Enjoyable songs; must listen to, over and over.   — Col. William Gilmore

— As a sometime songwriter myself, I’m struck by the craftsmanship of the rhyming and rhythm in these lyrics, and I love the musical range of the record-it really transports the listener to another time with its evocations of many different ’60’s styles: the surf-rock of ‘Skytroopers’…the darkly hypnotic Doors-like vibe of ‘Chanh Giao Cave’…the stirring film-soundtrack of ‘John Wesley’ (like the Good, the Bad &the Ugly!)…the cool blues of ‘The Chaplain’…the stoic march of ‘Camp Evans’…the loping cowboy feel of ‘Charlie’s Gone’…the traditional folk narrative ballad of ‘Smoking Hamlet’, reminiscent of Phil Ochs…the swinging syncopation of ‘Long Row To Hoe’…the groovy, mellow jazzy feel of ‘Mirage’…the sweet directness of the two ‘Barbara’ songs…the honky-tonk of ‘I Got A Lonesome Me’…the Rat Pack Scat on ‘Dandelion.’…I was already a fan of ‘Go To Sleep’ from the RickAndAudrey version; glad to have the original now too. — Michael Booth

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