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…a book that deserves a place in every middle school and high school library

Canoedling Front Cover_Final

High Praise from Writer’s Digest:  We’re excited to  report that Canoedling in Cleveland has just received high praise from a judge in the 23rd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards.Writer's Digest SelfPub-icon Issuing 5 points (“outstanding”) in each of the six categories evaluated, this judge concluded with the sentence, “Morris has done a wonderful job, creating a book that deserves a place in every middle school and high school library.”



Meet Jeff, Lori, & Randy + Walter & Sarah
Canoedling Front Cover_Final
In the summer of 1960 before his senior year in high school, Jeff canoodles friends Randy and Lori into joining him in canoeing every lake and stream around Cleveland. They battle rapids and discover waters poisoned by pollution, and Lori fights for equality with the boys. Jeff and Lori become interested in each other and in learning why their suburb is all white. After a canoeing accident on an angry Lake Erie, they meet Walter Madison from the black part of the city, and Jeff and Lori wonder if they can make him and his friend Sarah a part of their lives. In the end, the pair confront both segregation and pollution in the city.

In this bittersweet, deeply touching coming-of-age tale . . . their journey becomes as steeped in tender memory as the film Summer of ’42 and as timeless as Huckleberry Finn.              —Stanford Pritchard, novelist, poet, playwright

Morris paints a vivid picture of canoeing up the once-dead Cuyahoga River (now full of life) which famously burned in 1969.       —David L. Levy, author of Revolt of the Animals

I love . . . the unexpected honesty of Jeff’s conversations with Walter: “You scared me too when I first saw you. . . .”  “Why? . . .  ” “’Cause you’re Negro. . . .” “Why does that scare you?”                                                       —Carolivia Herron, best-selling author of Nappy Hair

On one level, Richard Morris’s CANOEDLING IN CLEVELAND is a cute, nostalgic story about three teenagers spending the summer of 1960 taking canoe trips. . . . But on another level, the novel is about the racial divide in the suburbs of Cleveland, and Jeff’s growing determination to change the world.
Kathy Cunningham, Goodreads

I loved Sycamore Row by John Grisham, recently #6 on NYT bestsellers list. If you did too, you may also like Well Considered.

Ron Watkins looks into the 1907 mob murder of his great-grandfather on a Maryland tobacco plantation

Robert Fleming of AALBC.com calls it “A profoundly memorable and affecting novel,” and Kirkus Discoveries  describes it as “a sensitive study of race and history in the American South” and “a multilayered thriller.”

Well Considered is a suspenseful but deeply moving novel that gripped me throughout. I recommend it.”     — William C. Byers             

Look Inside! –> First Pages of Text + Reviews richardmorrisauthor.wordpress.com/?page_id=2000&preview=true

“Days after finishing the read, I continued to be lost in its prevailing attitudes. Choice is always an aspect of a great book.” — J.G. Rose / ALA / NJASL / Media Specialist

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Black history month article by Julia Duin, former religion editor for the Washington Times and a frequent contributor to the Washington Post Sunday MagazineThe Hyattsville Life and Times (Vol. 9 No. 2, February 2012), page 7: http://issuu.com/hyattsvillelifeandtimes/docs/hlt2012feb

Interview by Sarah Nemeth – 3-11-2011 http://hyattsville.patch.com/articles/considering-the-written-word

Gloria Minott radio interview – WPFW 89.3 FM –   2-24-11

Cologne No. 10 For Men Cover

“There aren’t very many funny Vietnam War infantry books. This is one of them. Read it and be amazed.” —David Willson, Books in Review II, The Vietnam Veterans of America Veteran http://vvabooks.wordpress.com/2013/10/28/ cologne-no-10-for-men-by-richard-morris/

Cologne No. 10 For Men has been selected for inclusion in the Naval Academy Library in Annapolis, MD.

“This is truly a superb novel of the Vietnam war, a novel that compares favorably with those earlier “dark humor” war novels such as CATCH-22 and M.A.S.H. The writing crackles with authenticity.” — Writers Digest

A funny and serviceable satire about the gross rationalizations that propel war and peace.” “. . . like Catch-22 or M.A.S.H. . . .carries echoes of Tim O’Brien’s similarly toned The Things They Carried.Kirkus Discoveries Review

Cologne #10 for Men – Hilarious, dinky dau, delightfully wacky! Finally a cure for the stink of war.

“I love the way Wilfred recycles the bodies. That’s fabulous stuff  with a direct line to Heller’s Catch-22 and perfectly captures the insanity of the Vietnam War.” Richard Peabody, editor, Gargoyle Magazine More »


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songs of war, peace, and love from Vietnam Songs written in 1967-68 by Richard Morris, A Company, 2nd Battalion, 5th cavalry, 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile), performed in 2007 by Richard Morris.”Counting Bodies In The Nam” was written in 2007.

Album includes the song “Diggin’ A Hole,” a Finalist in the Blues and Jazz category in the 2006 Mid-Atlantic Song ContestRecorded in 2007 by Richard Morris.  Available at www.cdbaby.com/cd/richardmorris   Lyrics are at www.vietwarsongs.com.