Recognizing veterans

“Make plans now.  The Memorial Day Writers Project will hold its biannual reading on the National Mall this coming Veterans Day (Nov 11, 2018) from 11:30 am to 5:30 pm. We’ll be behind the sidewalk near 20 St.  and Constitution Ave.  Authors:  bring extra copies of your books to sell.  This is our 25th year on the Mall where we honor our veterans by celebrating and recalling their experiences through prose, poetry and song.  Tell a few friends and join us as we share our memories of good times and hard times in service to our country.”

Richard Morris will not be there to read from Cologne No. 10 for Men and to sing from Skytroopers: Songs of war, peace, and love from Vietnam.

In lieu of his participation, here are two blogposts Morris wrote; the first describes the 2010 Memorial Day Writers Project event on Veterans Day:

The second was written approximately two months prior to that when Richard was invited to speak to a high school class:


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